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جميع الحقوق محفوظة - موقع مكتبة الطلبة و التعليم في الجزائر -

What is Download:

Download is one of the many activities done by the users of the Internet network.
For people who often open the virtual world / internet, the term download is certainly not a foreign term for their ears.
But for people who are rarely connected to the internet world, the term download is certainly not a familiar term for their ears.
Some lay people have not even heard or used the term download at all.

Definition and Understanding Download:

Download is a process of transmitting a file or data from a computer system to another computer system. From the internet, users who performs the download process is where a users requests a file from another computer (such as: web site, server or the like) and then receives it.
In other words, download is the transmission of files from the internet to the client computer / users can be said also the process of receiving or retrieving files from internet / server to personal computer.

System and How it Works Download:

As described above, download activity is executed by transferring files that exist on other computers using the internet network. When a computer user wants to download certain data from a person's web page, that person should at least go through the following steps:
Connect to internet network - Open web page - Open cloud storage page - Download process through internet network.

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